Our Services

Akson Construction is the most trusted and many years old construction company in Bronx, New York. We work as the local company at whom you can count. We carry great expertise in providing the best construction services ranging from interior work to exterior general construction work. We are known for providing the best techniques to customers and even enhance their customer experiences. Connect to us at 929-412-5367 to get a free quote for our services.


Seek to understand our clients requirements for form, function, budget and time.


Use all of our experience and relationships to explore all of the options available to our clients to achieve their objectives.


Review our evaluations with our clients and offer our recommendations based on our experience and knowledge.


Through extensive planning and review we provide timely and accurate execution of the plans.

Our Specialization

we have over a decade of construction experience. We can take care of your remodeling or renovation needs at an affordable price. We are locally owned and operated in Bronx, NY. Our attention to detail and strong work ethic will guarantee you a quality job. 

Interior Renovation

We can professionally assist you in all the phases of Interior remodeling contractors in new York NYC from design, budgeting, and job scheduling so you can get successful on-time delivery with your 100% satisfaction. Akson Construction is here to provide you the best possible solutions.

Construction Work

We offer a collection of building construction, repairing, and remodeling services.

Exterior Renovation

We complete all renovation projects always within budget and in time. We have professional building re-modelers and construction team always ready to assist you all exterior remodeling services so you can get that, what you dream off.

Kitchen & Bathroom

Is there a need to remodel your kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Service to give it a modern look? With limited space and confined budget.

Roofing Work

As the top Roofers NYC Akson Builders cover almost all roofing services like the flat roof, window installation, roof installation, full-service roofing waterproofing, highest quality, free estimate, and home improvements. our main concern to give quality work to our clients.


To personalize your space, the simplest and the easiest way is to give a fresh coat of paint.

Tiles And Floors

We work with the finest materials in order to ensure that floor is well prepared prior to installation by taking all the pre-emptive measures. We have highly qualified artisans who have ample experience working with different types of floors.


We specialize in all types of brickwork whether it’s brick pointing or brick restoration or new construction. Our company specialties cover brick replacement, door and window re-sizing, support rebuilds, re-facing exterior walls, and much more numerous. Many projects include getting a match to an actual brick on the home or structure.

Cement Work

Cement is well knows due to its resistance to the worst weather conditions and for being non-erosive. If you are facing any issues either with structural or property maintenance, Akson Construction is here to provide you the best possible solutions.

Plumbing Service

we provide a variety of services to the New York City area. Here are just a few examples of work we can do for you Preventative maintenance, Drain cleaning Toilet installation, maintenance and replacement. Emergency plumbing services. Our maintenance schedules can be customized based on the needs of each client, and serve as an excellent way to prevent costly repairs down the road.


We also offer you a wide range of color choices both for interior and exterior applications while categorizing products as Cement-based coatings, Waterproof coatings, High-build acrylic coating. Akson Construction is here to provide you the best possible solutions.

Gutter Service

The best way to prevent this from happening is to clean your gutters regularly, but getting up on a ladder can be dangerous, not to mention simply not a fun way to spend your Saturday morning. Thankfully, at Akson Construction. gutters are our bread and butter, so if you’re in need of some assistance we’d be happy to help.

We Are Making Tomorrow A Better Place

Akson Contracting is creating constructive legacies where we work by offering wide range of construction services, remodeling, and repairing services as well for roof, ceiling, interior and exterior installation etc. Our goal is to become a best local contractor in New York. Akson Contracting Company wants to be your trusted partner, delivering infrastructures that bring lasting benefits to our valuable clients and communities in which we work and live.