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Akson Contraction provides general contracting services for large and small residential and commercial projects. Our company is well know for it’s services in Bronx, New York. New construction and renovations from start to finish including, but not limited to construction management, consultation and design, permit application process.

Akson Construction
We used Akson Construction Company for our constructing Apartment. They did an excellent job by showing up on time and securing the area of the work. They completed the job in a timely manner.
Akson construction
John Doe
Commercial Properties

A Great Mega Project

If you are a New Yorker and want to change or repair your home interior, Akson Construction is always ready for you. Getting an assessment for your project is quick and easy. Inform us about your remodeling ideas, and we’ll be delighted to provide you a free quote. Tо reduсe disрutes where оne раrty infers sоmething оr hаs tасit knоwledge thаt is nоt оbviоus tо the оther раrty, сrаft аn eаsy tо understаnd sсорe. The Sсорe оf Wоrk shоuld аlsо be sрeсifiс аbоut:

Real Estate

Exterior Renovation, Remodeling and Repair

Quality and innovative exterior renovation and remodeling services can add attraction and pleasant feel to your property. Akson Construction, most devoted, experienced and skilled exterior contractors in Bronx, New York can give your home, building or office a new look. We complete all renovation projects always within budget and in time. We have professional building re-modelers and construction team always ready to assist you all exterior remodeling services so you can get that, what you dream off. Some of our Service Which will be given below.

I highly recommend Akson Constructions for their dedication towards quality. I am really happy with their work.
Akson construction
Margaret Curtis
Akson construction
Akson Constructions is one of the best companies when it comes to remodeling. They have done an extravagant job.
Akson construction
Matthew Fox
Commercial Properties

Bedroom Renovation

Akson Contracting specializes in Bedroom & bathroom renovations, and we will guide you through the chore of picking out the best fixtures, cabinetry, floor, and wall coverings that best meet your style and budget. Some of our Service Which will be given below.

We Are Making Tomorrow A Better Place

Akson Contracting is creating constructive legacies where we work by offering wide range of construction services, remodeling, and repairing services as well for roof, ceiling, interior and exterior installation etc. Our goal is to become a best local contractor in New York. Akson Contracting Company wants to be your trusted partner, delivering infrastructures that bring lasting benefits to our valuable clients and communities in which we work and live.